How To Effectively Negotiate? The 6-Step Professional Approach

Nearly everything in life worth achieving, requires some sort of negotiating skills. While many people say they know how to negotiate, it is important to realize that is far different from effectively doing so. Therefore, both regarding our personal lives, as well as many skills associated with business expertise, effective negotiation is a key to excellence. When we not only know how to do this, but also consistently utilize the skills, assets, attitudes and abilities, which put you in the best position, we are most capable of achieving things which so many others are not. Understand this requires doing one’s homework, being prepared (ready), and following a quality game plan. Let’s review the 6-step, professional approach:

1. Know your objectives: Only if you enter into the process, knowing what you want to accomplish and achieve, have a clear vision of your goals, and follow a path, in an orderly manner, will you achieve what you seek or need. One of the biggest mistakes poor negotiators often make, is either under-estimating their adversary, over-stating what they promise, fail to differentiate between essential priorities versus wants, don’t understand the need to clearly articulate and tell the truth, etc.

2. Know adversary’s objectives/needs: You might wonder why it is so important to know what the other side needs. Quality negotiating is not about merely asking for the moon, because unless the other side, gets what it needs, the process will often fail. For example, if you negotiate with a hotel or a caterer, why would you believe they would agree to lose money. In that instance, create a process which creates and/or seeks a win-win, where together you reach concepts which might save money, which can then be passed along. In real estate, quality negotiating is never about merely pressuring the owner (if you represent the buyer), to lower the price dramatically, but rather getting the lowest price possible, which will be accepted and close the process, creating a meeting of the mind.

3. Absolute integrity: Amateurs sometimes proceed by overstating what they can deliver, and, their side suffers, when inevitably it is discovered to be so. Rather, one of the necessities of profession negotiations, is to consistently maintain absolute integrity!

4. Full disclosure: Clearly articulate your musts, which are those needs, often referred to as deal-breakers! Explain you want to work together to make it work, and seek alternative approaches or methods, that will make it work well for both sides!

5. Think outside the box: Forget the same-old, same-old philosophy, mentality or approach! Rather, carefully consider alternatives, work with (rather than constantly against) the other side, and develop mutually satisfying approaches. For example, when negotiating with a hotel and/or caterer, clearly explain what you offer/the advantages to them(e.g. common menus, flexibility of menu and service, etc). Seek ways where both sides can win!

6. Come to a win-win, meeting of the minds: Only when both sides come away, feeling they were somewhat successful, and met their needs and objectives, do you get the longer-term, best results. Great negotiator realize that winning does not mean defeating the other side, but rather coming to an agreement which works, and achieves objectives!

I’ve often stated negotiations should usually be left to the professionals, because, the process goes more smoothly, and a greater proportion of goals and objectives are met. When you understand the basics, and focus on the end-result, you will become a far better negotiator.

Negotiating a Commercial Lease Part 1

This is going to be a series of articles covering some of my experiences and techniques I have used to successfully negotiate Lease Terms. This article is simply an introduction to negotiating a lease and will serve as an outline to the articles to come.

These articles are not going to cater to those of you who own businesses working from home. However, I believe that the tips shared here could be valuable for you in other aspects of your life that concern negotiations. So, you might want to check it out anyway. For those of you who already lease commercial property or are thinking about leasing commercial property I hope these tips help.

This is one area that I did not do a very good job at when I started my first brick and mortar retail store. I really didn’t know how much I could negotiate and I was not very patient during the process. I was amped up to start my business and wanted to get started as soon as possible so I failed to negotiate my terms very well. However, because of that experience I have since learned to better negotiate lease terms upon obtaining a new lease and when renewing my lease.

Now, keep in mind as you are reading this article that a lot of your negotiating power depends on how hot the rental market is or how high the demand is for a particular location. The more demand for a location the less negotiating power you are going to have.


First, I want to talk about the location of your business. The location of your business is definitely crucial to how successful you can be (Location will be discussed in another article in detail). However, you do not want to lease an amazing location that you are not going to be able to afford. It’s not a good idea to think that just because you are in an amazing location that you will be able to afford that huge $10,000 or whatever a month lease payment. Even if you are in a great location it still takes time to build up your customer base and generate any substantial cash flow.

So, as a starting point for negotiating a lease I suggest, especially if this is your only store to open and you are just getting started, to find a location with the following criteria

  • A lease payment that you think you will be able to afford per month based on your projected sales even before negotiations begin.
  • A location that is visible and easily accessible
  • A location that has an “anchor” store nearby and plenty of complementary businesses

Those are just a few criteria to get you started. As mentioned before location will be discussed in depth in another article. Now, let’s get to actually negotiating your lease.

You can negotiate just about any area of your lease but from my experience I have been most successful and I think most beneficial from negotiating the following areas:

  • Length of the Lease
  • Rent and Rent Increases
  • Common Area Maintenance Fees or CAMS
  • Tenant Improvements

Mindfulness – Focusing the Attention of the Mind Into the Present Moment

Alright. Today’s topic for this week is a practice called “Mindfulness”. The key to being mindful is to focus the attention of the mind into the present moment. So if presently you are listening to this message, you focus your mind entirely into the message.

Mindfulness then, would be the practice of ignoring any other distractions that might come in while you are paying attention, either listening to or reading this particular message. If you were to practice mindfulness while you are falling asleep, you would fall asleep much faster. If you were to practice mindfulness maybe while doing something that is pleasurable to you, you will find much more pleasure in it. Practicing mindfulness while smelling a cup of tea, you will find that you probably love the aroma and when you taste it, it will taste differently than the aroma that you were loving. The same is true of food.

So when we are mindful and we focus our attention into one activity, it changes the experience. Sometimes you can use this say for an addiction. Maybe you really like your beer or something and you think about the beer and something begins to transform. There is a physical reaction. Your stress hormones begin to change; a variety of things happen.

Well, just focus your mindfulness 100%. It might be ice cream you are craving, whatever it is, and then go ahead and feel it, smell it, focus your mind entirely on it, not the result that you are expecting like “I’ll feel relaxed” or “I’ll feel comforted” or “I’ll be distracted from my real emotions”. Whatever else is going on.

Be mindful 100% with that item of your addiction. It may be drugs, sex, food, alcohol, whatever it is and stay with it and you will find that because you are mindfully attentive, it is not producing the normal side effect that you are used to. Oftentimes substituting with something very simple like taking some trace colloidal minerals, take a mineral supplement, and maybe a little Vitamin C or Ester C with it and maybe some MSM. Take that instead and some water and wait. And then if it comes back again, focus mindfulness into that whatever it is and see if anything has changed.

All right dear ones. That has been your Spirituality Article, information for this particular week. As always we appreciate very much that you help spread the information. It is complimentary.